Your art is lovely. You are wonderful. I like stalking you. <3

hey! NOw look what you’ve done. My heart exploded from kindness.Oh Great! Now i’ll be evil all weekend til they can repair it.

Sorry to combine them all together like this. But I’d just like to say Thank you to everyone who sent these messages! When I re-blogged that ‘send me your feelings’ thing I honestly only expected two, maybe three, messages, instead I was flooded with many kind messages! So Many that I have run out of words to express my gratitude! 

You all are wonderful people, thank you! I was quite literally tearing up at one point. Now, not to be rude, but please stop sending them! My heart can’t take much more~haha >(//u  v  u//)<


***ANIMATIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE*** Price dependent on  requestexamples»… ,…~If interested or have any queries feel free to send me a note here on DA or e-mail me at (( )) ~
Commissions are currently (OPEN)&#160;!!


***ANIMATIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE*** Price dependent on  request


~If interested or have any queries feel free to send me a note here on DA or e-mail me at (( )) ~

Commissions are currently (OPEN) !!

I think you're a great artist and a great friend. I love your stuff, and I wish we could talk more (stupid timezones). :3

>(//> u <//)<

(thank you!!)

butts. please respond.

since you asked nicely, i’ve drawn you a few butts.

Honestly, I had already known about PMDU but without you and Shelly, I probably wouldn't have joined it and end up not drawing Hercules at all. You're also pretty nice to talk to, and you draw quite well! I can honestly say without a doubt that you are NOT LAME! :D

hahaha thanks! >(^  u ^ )<

You draw so amazing and I'm jealous with the way u are able to use task/missions to build your characters and develop them (I have difficulty doing that) so I just want to say that you are an amazingly talented person and I hope you have a good DAT


Thank you so much for the kind words ;u;

You know what, I’m all about giving out tiny tips today so hey! Here’s what I did and am currently doing (under the cut)!

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good stuff~

(Hope I did this right.) Sirwoop, you made learn many things, good and bad. The bad I won't mention because it was just me having trouble with the Ranking system at the time. However, the good was you inspiring me to make a team and characters that made me realize that, that team wasn't a total to waste to whom I wanted to impress solely on. Team Change was their name. Overall, I do see you as an inspiring artist, who continues to inspire me till this day.

Learning from the bad and mistakes can be even more meaningful and important than succeeding all the time~ I’m sorry you had a rough time, but I’m glad to hear of the good that came as well!   Let’s continue to draw ,learn, and change~!  : )

Thank you ! >(//u  v u//)<

Reading your Sandspirit comics are what inspired me to join the PMD group and I thank you for that! I've met so many awesome people because of it, including you, and I cherish it everyday. Not only that, but you've also inspired me to be a better artist! You're a wonderful person and keep doin' what you do! Woop!

>( //>  o <//)< oh gosh! That’s so great to hear! I’ll try my best and I hope you will continue to as well! Let’s be awesome together!

thank you~!

Virgo is the best. Accept no substitutes.

Hmmm what should I say... You're a really interesting person with a sweet style. indeed we havent chatted a lot but I find you a very nice gal :D

thank you~! I think, from what we’ve interacted, you’re a swell person as well~! >(^  u  ^)<

I remember when we first really kinda talked, we exchanged some drawings about a 'weenie hut jr' joke and it was hilarious. I've always looked up to you in an artistic way since then, and you're always a lot of fun to talk to! I know we're both real busy so we don't get the chance to all that often, but that's okay because you're still a great friend.

Oh FROZEN! you were always so cool(pun intended)~ picking up on the joke and going right along with it!  I’m so glad were friends! You made me like the icecream cone-mon and inspired me to look for the good in every mon and every thing~ Thank you!

I hope we can continue to be friends~

I actually think you're a very very creative artist and I really like your design style. You're fun to talk too as well even if we don't usually talk a whole lot I still feel like we have a mutual appreciation of each other that makes me happy

>don’t talk a whole lot

well that’s me. and that’s how i am with most everyone. ah! I’m so sorry!

>(llu . u)< i start drawing something and i don’t realize how long i’ve been doing it or how long that skype message been flashing. doesn’t mean i don’t like someone though, i really hope all my friends know this!  I’m just quiet~

And thank you! I hope we can talk more who ever this is~

Hey you use solid black sometimes for stuff too (like Poli's bowtie). I have a question. You know how sometimes comic books use solid black to shade a certain area? do you think it's acceptable to use that type of technique in the same pic where a character is wearing an accessory that is pure black (the accessory are gloves)?

yeah! course I think it’s acceptable~ if anything it’ll make the gloves even cooler if you can really push that hard black +shadow the right way! Which knowing your stuff I think you could! : )

and if you’re worried about losing the glove just use a little bit of white (solid) highlight to bring it back!

I would tell you what I think of you, but then I'd have to kill you.

This took a turn rather quickly!